Veal escalopes (500g)

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Veal escalopes are thin cuts of tender veal, making this a versatile buy. Only the very best is good enough for JK because we think you deserve the finest of foods. The veal we supply you is milk-fed, meaning the meat colour is ivory or creamy pink, with a firm, fine, and velvety appearance. Its mild taste and delicate consistency make a veal dish very special. Because it's so tender, you might think that veal contains more fat than beef; in actuality, it's the other way around. Lower in fat and calories than beef, veal still contains plenty of flavour. Veal has had a difficult reputation in the past, but that is no longer the case. All our veal is reared to strict welfare standards, with the calves being allowed to roam and socialise in groups. In fact, keeping calves in crates is now in fact banned completely in the UK. 500g serves 4 people.