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The Teasmith Gin

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The Teasmith Spirit Company is dedicated to producing award-winning, exceptional Scottish gin distilled with handpicked tea leaves. Following time honoured methods and with meticulous care, we source the finest and rarest speciality tea and distil it with carefully selected botanicals that complement and match the unique flavours that the tea provides. Our gins have story – from the tea to the tonic, there is history and heritage in every sip.

A careful blend of finely curated botanicals and hand-picked tea is what gives 'The Teasmith' its characteristic taste. Juniper, coriander, grains of paradise, orange peel and other carefully selected botanicals are distilled not once, but twice in traditional copper alembic stills.

Through this delicate process of distillation, each individual ingredient is carefully blended to ensure The Teasmith is a truly unique gin, characterised by its clarity, simplicity and confidence.

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