Sirloin Roast (boned & rolled)

King Foods


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A tender but flavoursome family roast we can't stress the taste difference in this beef compared to other online alternatives that do not originate from Scotland!.

We source all our Sirloin from Millers of Speyside where they mature and age the beef for a minimum of 28 days - this means the beef has now reached its prime and we get our master butchers to expertly remove it from the bone and roll and tie by hand to prepare it perfectly for you, your family and guests.

1kg serves 4- 5 people 1.5kg serves 6-7 people 2kg serves 8-10 people 2.5kg serves 10-12 people 3kg serves 12-14 people 3.5kg serves 14-16 people 4kg serves 16-20 people.