Pork & leek sausages (500g)

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Firm family favourite with a kick. This sausage is spicier than you think. Approx 500g. Average eight to a pack.
We get all our meat from Millers of Speyside. All of the Pigs processed by Millers of Speyside come from one farmer, Mr Cragie of Milton of Kilravock, Cawdor, in the Highlands of Scotland, with fresh supplies arriving weekly. Kilravock pigs are born outside in pig arcs on grassland; they are left to farrow in peace and solitude without the intrusion of modern farrowing crates. The Craigie's run their farm on an entirely straw based system and feed their animals with home grown feeding barley, with the pigs spending the majority of their lives out of doors but with continual access to shelter.